About us

invoX Pharma is a research-driven global biopharmaceutical company using next-generation technology platforms to discover and develop innovative medicines that can change the lives of people around the world. As a company, we aspire to improve people’s lives by creating access to innovative medicines.

Incorporated in March 2021, our core therapeutic focus is on oncology and respiratory, with R&D, Clinical Development and Business Development activities in the UK, EU and US. Our pipeline is based on next-generation technology platforms that take clinically validated approaches and improve on them with unique features that enable us to develop drugs against promising targets.

Our R&D Focus Areas

Our R&D activities are focused in two areas.

Oncology R&D

In Oncology R&D, we develop therapies that are based on novel approaches to immuno-oncology using proprietary technology that can be applied to a wide range of cancers.
For more information about our Oncology R&D, click here.

Respiratory R&D

Our Respiratory Innovation Centre has developed a highly effective soft mist inhalation device which delivers medication to the lungs more effectively than powder or spray inhalers. We are using this to develop drug-device combination products for respiratory diseases. For more information about our Respiratory R&D, click here.

Our History

invoX Pharma was established in March 2021 by Sino Biopharma, a Hong Kong listed global top 40 pharmaceutical company. Since then, invoX has built its R&D capabilities and a diversified pipeline through acquisition.

In March 2021, invoX acquired Softhale, a Belgium-based respiratory company that develops innovative and generic drug-device combination products which use the Softhaler®, a next-generation soft-mist inhaler. Softhale formed the basis of our Respiratory Innovation Centre.

In March 2023, invoX completed the acquisition of F-star Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering bispecific antibodies in immunotherapy. Their work is focused on oncology and has formed the basis of our Oncology R&D.

In addition, in June 2021, invoX acquired a majority stake in pHion Therapeutics, a UK-based company, with an exciting mRNA-based technology. They are developing a pipeline of therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines focused on viral infections and oncology.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: We aspire to improve people’s lives by creating access to innovative medicines.

Vision: To be a leading fully integrated global pharmaceutical company with an advancing pipeline of innovative products addressing the unmet healthcare needs of patients.

Values: Our company values define who we are as a company, how we operate and how our employees interact with each other and our stakeholders:

  • Integrity – We can be trusted and relied upon to consistently do the right thing
  • Quality – We hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do
  • Passion – We are passionate in our mission to deliver innovation
  • Performance – As a team we consistently strive to achieve exceptional results
  • Well-being – We support our employees to achieve their goals in every aspect of their lives