Respiratory R&D

The invoX Respiratory Innovation Centre is dedicated to the development of innovative and generic drug-device combination products which use the Softhaler®, a next-generation soft-mist device, to deliver known active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), new chemical entities (NCEs) and biomolecules to the lungs.

Our Focus on Respiratory Diseases

Across the world, respiratory diseases are a significant cause of illness and death. The number of people with chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), continues to rise. These conditions and other illnesses that require inhaled therapies present a massive and increasing burden on the cost of public health and significantly impact the quality of life for patients.

Whilst major advances have occurred in the development of inhaled therapeutics for the treatment of patients with these respiratory diseases and other illnesses, there is an increasing unmet need for both novel treatments and high-quality, affordable generic versions of inhaled products that have an established safety and efficacy profile. Our respiratory team is committed and passionate about delivering both.

Softhaler®, Soft-Mist Inhaler technology

Our respiratory team has developed a next-generation, proprietary soft-mist inhalation platform device, the Softhaler®, which uses differentiated technology to deliver propellant-free liquid-based formulations to the lung. This device has been developed to enable platform flexibility and adaptability to individual  patient, indication and medication needs.

Our technology has a better sustainability footprint than traditional inhalers due to simpler, typically water-based formulations which require a less intensive manufacturing process and contain no propellants or other volatile chemicals of environmental concern.

Effective delivery, multiple applications

The Softhaler® device mechanically converts the liquid formulation into an ultra-fine mist to deliver the medication to the lungs more effectively than other types of inhalers, leading to better lung delivery and less deposition in the mouth or at the back of the throat.

Both smaller chemical API molecules and larger complex formulations can be delivered by the Softhaler® device. This leads to a wide variety of applications in generic products, as well as new combinations of existing APIs, NCEs and biologics, making the Softhaler® a true platform device.

Our Capabilities in Respiratory Development

Our highly skilled multidisciplinary team, with backgrounds in drug delivery, respiratory, inhalation and combination device technology, is experienced across all stages of product development from early research through to late-phase drug product performance evaluation, technical transfers, submissions and commercialisation.

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The invoX Respiratory Innovation Centre is located in Diepenbeek, Belgium. It was formed from the acquisition of Softhale N.V., a Belgian-based respiratory company, in March 2021.

Visiting address

Bioville – Abis Building
3590 Diepenbeek
Office tel. +32 11 28 69 91