Partnerships are foundational to who we are at invoX. We foster strong relationships across the globe that enable us to access cutting-edge scientific innovation and at the same time leverage our differentiated technology platforms with external partners for the benefit of patients.

We utilise partnerships in a variety of ways to drive our pipeline. For our own programmes, our priority is using the right approach to take the science forward. These partnerships help us to progress our development activities and maximize the utility of our platforms.

For complementary innovation, our aim is to work with partners to source the best innovations from across the world and use our expertise to bring them to the market.

The ultimate goal is to deliver on our mission by giving more patients with respiratory disease and cancer access to life-saving drugs.

Our Partnering Model

We have a flexible approach to partnering that accelerates the delivery of innovative medicines to patients. It uses a combination of M&A, out-licensing our technology platforms and in-licensing assets that complement our pipeline.

If you would like to discuss opportunities to partner with invoX Pharma, please contact


Areas of interest


Partners with late stage / approved medicines for patients with respiratory disease which would benefit from the greener footprint and deep lung delivery of our proprietary Softhaler® device. This can include generic products, as well as existing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), new chemical entities (NCEs) and biologics.

Diseases of particular interest include: asthma, COPD, fibrotic lung diseases including IPF and Cystic Fibrosis, as well as select central nervous system indications.


Partners seeking to collaborate on next generation medicines utilising our proprietary multi-specific antibody platform, including generation of novel modalities such as bispecific antibody drug conjugates or trispecific molecules.

Complementary Assets / Technologies

Novel assets and technologies from academia or industry which are complementary to our existing pipeline and platforms.

How we work

Trusted: Successful collaboration starts with transparent communication, and we build partnerships that are based on mutual trust and a shared vision for success.

Innovative: We are open to explore new ways of doing things, including flexible and innovative partnership structures that unlock new avenues for research.

Open: Patient needs are not defined by borders, so neither are we. We reach out across the globe to all partners, from academic institutions to biotech and larger pharmaceutical companies, to build partnerships for the benefit of patients.